Document Globe publishing system

Document Globe editing system was developed to facilitate the creation and administration of Charles University websites, including the main pages of the Charles University, website of the iForum internet journal, webs of some faculties and their departments or institutes, and pages of other university institutions. All together, Document Globe is used at 160 websites and by over 60,000 documents which are administered by over 500 users.


If your computer runs Java 1.6 or higher and your system contains an installed root certificate I.CA from the manual, it is sufficient to click on link ‘Run Application DG Client 4.0’. If you are experiencing any problems, read detailed installation manual. Instructions regarding the creation of a user profile and connecting to a server are found in a video tutorial.

If you wish to create a new user account that would enable you to edit the website contents, get in touch with us using contact details listed below.

Run Application DG Client 4.0

Contact and support


Telephone: (+420) 224 491 439

(+420) 224 491 720

Installation guides

  • Installations– installing a client application on your computer

  • DG help – video tutorials which explain how the system is used.

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