• CU Information system

CU Information system

Information system of the Charles University includes especially the following systems and applications:

A system intended for students, teachers, and persons applying to study at the Charles University but also for students of programmes of lifelong study, which provides a comprehensive support of the study agenda.

Information System for Creative Activities, Projects and Mobilities is accessible to each CU’s worker and student. It is chiefly used by the academic and scientific staff and students of doctoral study programmes (more than 5000 unique users per year)

An overview of final theses defended at the Charles University includes full texts of these theses and the relevant opponent’s statements.

The WhoIs system functions as a central register of persons related to the Charles University (employees, students, participants of programmes of lifelong study, members of governing and managing bodies of the university and its faculties, etc.) and a register of Charles University’s organisation structure and personal (especially professional and career-related) data.

The EGJE system is designed mainly to calculate salaries.

These two applications are intended to help Charles University students submit their applications for accommodation support and social stipends.

This system is designed to help graduate (master and doctoral) students of the Charles University submit project applications to the Charles University Grant Agency and to support other administration related to all implementation states of programmes supported by the CU Grant Agency.

This application enables the registration of accredited study programmes and fields of study, contains information about the state of their accreditation or re-accreditation, information regarding the guarantors of study programmes and study fields, appointments of members of doctoral studies subject-area boards and boards for degree programme directors.

This application is intended mainly for Charles University students who wish to submit and further process an application for a study stay abroad within the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

A system intended for the use of Charles University employees. It provides electronic communication between the Charles University and state authorities via a system of data boxes.

This system is designed to aid persons applying for accommodation in Charles University dormitories, that is, mainly students and persons applying for study at Charles University faculties in Prague, Hradec Králové, and Plzeň (Pilsen).

This application provides access to digitalised documents pertaining to students of Prague universities in 1882–1945: registries of doctors, Rigorosum protocols, catalogues of registered students, and examination protocols of both the Czech and the German university in Prague.

An editing system developed to help create and administer Charles University websites, especially the main website of the Charles University, iForum internet journal and its web, websites of some faculties and their departments and institutes, and websites of some other university institutions.

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