• Other services

Other services

In section ‘Other services’, we also offer:

  • High performance computing

    Students and employees of the Charles University can, for demanding scientific calculations, use the services of up-to-date computing centres (MetaCentrum NGI, CERIT-SC, and a Joint Computing Centre of the Czech Technical University, Czech Institute of Chemical Technology, and the Charles University).

  • Issuing identity cards

    Computer Science Centre is in charge of running the centres which issue Charles University identity cards. For more detail, see http://prukazy.cuni.cz.

  • Door access systems for buildings of the Charles University

    Computer Science Centre provides advice and support in establishing electronic security for entry points of the Charles University. Entry security system consists of a camera and an access system.

  • VoIP at the Charles University

    IP network provides a link between the telephone exchanges of various buildings of the Charles University. Within the Rectorate of the Charles University, we provide services of a SW telephone switchboard.

  • Solution of security incidents

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