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Within the eduroam project a unique username with @ and a realm (domain name) attached is used for identification, e.g.,, It is always necessary to provide a complete username including a realm since the realm is used for directing authentication requests. The username without a realm is not valid within the eduroam project.

Charles University Staff and Students

Charles University staff and students have several options for obtaining an eudroam account:

  • CAS UK (Central Authentication Service of CU) - realm is

    All Charles University staff and students should have their accounts in CAS. After logging to the CAS (ExternĂ­ odkaz they can set a password for eduroam. Login name for eduroam is and is displayed after setting an eduroam password.

    A password for eduroam cannot be set by users who have their CAS password reset via a WWW form – the password is not safe for this purpose. For more detailed information see ExternĂ­ odkaz

  • UVTUK (Charles University Karolinum Complex staff) - realm is

    The accounts of the Karolinum Complex staff are in the AD domain UVTUK. The eduroam password can be set in application ExternĂ­ odkaz This application is only available in the Charles University network in Prague.

  • JINONICE (staff and students of some faculties) - realm is

    Staff of some faculties and parts of CU (e.g. FHS, 1.LF, COZP) and students of FF, FSV, FHS, 1.LF have their accounts in the JINONICE AD domain. Instructions are available at ExternĂ­ odkaz For setting the eduroam password  users can use the following application ExternĂ­ odkaz

Some faculties and parts of CU build their own networks, and are connected to AAI eduroam independently of CUCC and/or carry out their own user databases. It concerns e.g. the following faculties and parts of CU:

It is possible that these faculties or parts of CU use other local accounts for their own users.

Eduroam Password

For security and historical reasons it is necessary to use other password for eduroam than for e.g. logging to the domain, PC, etc. This password is referred as network password or secondary password. In case the password has been misused the primary password for domain, PC etc. is out of danger, and the user can set a new network (secondary) password.

Conference Guests

For guests of conferences and other actions held in Charles University premises (especially Green and Blue auditory halls - Zelená a Modrá posluchárna - in Celetná 20) temporary accounts can be created so that it is possible to access a wireless network. For more informations see ExternĂ­ odkaz (czech only).

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