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ExternĂ­ odkaz česká verze

Welcome to the ExternĂ­ odkaz eduroam project website. This is an international project which is engaged in supporting mobility and roaming within the National Research and Education Networks (NREN). In the Czech Republic the project is carried on by the ExternĂ­ odkaz CESNET.

On this website you can find information on connecting to the networks in some of the Charles University objects in Prague that are engaged in the eduroam project. The networks are created both by wireless access points (WiFi) and by ethernet switches. For more detailed specification of places and type of connection see the Odkaz v rámci webu coverage page.

Please read the following information thoroughly – it is necessary for roaming service usage. For Charles University staff and students is the eduroam password setting compulsory – see Odkaz v rámci webu access data page.

More information: ExternĂ­ odkaz

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Name and eduroam logo are registered trademarks of the ExternĂ­ odkaz TERENA.

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