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Domain JINONICE - information for users

Each student and staff user of  Charles University in Prague can obtain a user account in domain JINONICE which enables him/her to make use of following services:

The domain accounts for staff users of Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and 1st Faculty of Medicine are created only by local IT department (LVT) of a particular faculty. Other staff users can fill in the form at


Students can apply for creating an account electronically – see below.

Users have to fulfill the following conditions:

Account creating

1. Account status verification in domain JINONICE at


Please enter your personal number (printed on student ID card under the picture).



If the account does not exist, press the create account button and wait until it is created.
Then repeat the action. If the account is created, follow step 2.



2. Domain password setting through CAS UK (Charles University Authentication Service) -


Please enter your personal number (printed on student ID card under the picture) and a password for CAS. If you don´t know or have forgotten your password for CAS, visit a  CU Student ID Cards Centre and ask for setting a new one. For more information see



In the Password for JINONICE tab enter a new password for the domain. Password requests in domain JINONICE are following:

  • Password is valid for 180 days.

  • Minimal length of the password is 7 characters.

  • Password cannot be a name, surname or a login.

  • Password has to contain characters at least of three following categories: small letters, CAPITAL letters, digits, special characters (e.g., !@#$%^&*, punctuation marks).
    Please do not use local characters – the password would not work in some applications.


If you have entered a password compliant with the conditions mentioned, the password has been saved in the domain. Simultaneously an account login will be displayed for the accounts with newly set password.



Now you should verify the functionality of the account on page Please enter your username (login) and a new password for the domain.



If everything is OK, the following page will be displayed. The upper right picture should be the same as the one on your CU ID card.
You can use this page for future password changes in domain and for setting a password for connecting to networks within the scope of the  eduroam project.


This page displays your e-mail address (access to mails – see below) and expiration date of your password.
Before expiration of your password you will receive an e-mail with a prompt to change your password.


The account is valid for duration of the study. When study is finished (according to IS UK data) the account expiration will be set to study expiration date + 31 days.



Eduroam password

For logging in at networks within the  eduroam project a secondary password (network password) is used for security reasons.


Please enter a new eduroam password. The password has to contain at least 7 characters and cannot be identical either to domain password or to username (login).



Your eduroam password has been saved and your eduroam username is displayed (see a red lower box) which consists of your domain username (login) and a realm (domain).


Access to e-mails

Following information is useful especially for students. Staff user mailboxes are only created on request – staff users usually use a faculty e-mail.


For an access to your mailbox you can use:

  • Web interface -
  • POP3 or IMAP protocols (receiving e-mails) and a SMTP protocol (authenticated – mail sending) - server
  • MS Outlook Program as an MS Exchange Client at the PC connected to a domain (e.g., in a room) - server

Email redirecting

You can set an email redirecting using a rule for email processing in web interface


Please enter your username (login) and password.



In the Options menu (top right corner) select Create an Inbox Rule....



Select New....



Set the options in the following dialog box as in example.



In the To field (at the bottom of the box) type the recipients email address and click OK and click Save in the next dialog box.



Confirm that this rule will be applied to all incomming messages - click Yes.



And you're done.



Note: For rules setting it is necessary to access the web interface with Internet Explorer. It is difficult to display via other browsers (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.).

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